Simplify and Automate Marketing Microsoft Cloud With TD SYNNEX

Kayla McGuire Vendor Marketing Specialist

How many hours do you spend looking for new Microsoft marketing content each week? It can be tough to manage your organization’s digital marketing presence, especially when it comes to content creation. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of free and easy-to-distribute marketing resources that are available to you as a TD SYNNEX Microsoft cloud partner. Below you’ll discover ready-made marketing assets you can quickly share out to customers, sales enablement resources to help you close more deals, lead generation tools to develop your sales pipeline, and more!

Marketing Automation with PartnerOn

Streamline your Microsoft Cloud marketing activities through PartnerOn automated marketing campaigns. With just a few clicks, weekly drip campaigns and social media content can be delivered to your customers and prospects across social media, blogs and email. You can even set it on autopilot to make your weekly marketing truly effortless. Partners using PartnerOn have reported a 40% increase in sales!

Sign up for free at Once you log in, follow all of the Microsoft channels that apply to the type of marketing content you would like run. Additionally, follow the exclusive Tech Data Cloud Solutions Channel to access marketing campaigns focused around TD SYNNEX’s Click-to-Run™ Solutions for Microsoft Cloud.

Microsoft Marketing Resources

Microsoft Partner Network

As a Microsoft partner, you have instant access to exclusive resources, programs, tools and connections through the Microsoft Partner Network. Become a member today to start using the tools below – sign up is free!*

Partner Resources Network

Get the latest updates, partner readiness materials, and marketing campaigns to help take your business to the next level with the Partner Resources Network. This content library hosts thousands of downloadable assets for all three Microsoft clouds (Azure, Dynamics, Microsoft 365) including infographics, pitch decks, presentations, playbooks and more.

Smart Partner Marketing

No matter where you are in your marketing journey, Microsoft Smart Partner Marketing can help you maximize your marketing impacts to attract and retain the right customers. Whether you’re just getting established in building your brand or need assistance in boosting customer loyalty, you can use the Smart Partner Marketing tools to build a strong marketing foundation and create meaningful customer relationships. Select your marketing goals and receive applicable training guides, interactive decks and partner success stories.

Qorus Content Hub

According to Jordan Helling, Global Operations Lead, Partner Marketing Benefits Desk at Microsoft, partners spend an average of 3-8 hours searching for content. To cut down on that time, the Qorus Content Hub application plugs into Office 365 apps so partners can easily search and share out customizable Microsoft content. Use this tool to build better sales proposals, get proposals out faster and ultimately increase outreach to potential clients. Partners report a 20% increase in productivity by utilizing this resource!

*Premium access to the Microsoft Partner Network is available based on your product competencies with added benefits such as tech support, technical enablement, co-branded marketing assets and a feature in Microsoft’s partner success stories.

TD SYNNEX Marketing Resources

TD SYNNEX Cloud Coaches  - Connect with our Cloud marketing experts around design, strategy and planning to help grow your Cloud practice. Our team of coaches specialize in go-to-market strategy, lead generation, branding and more. During your coaching session, you can receive guidance around marketing best practices, ask specific questions about your organization’s marketing strategy, or even receive feedback on a marketing initiative. We’re eager to hear from you – send us a message today!

Build Your Practice with Cloud Practice Builder  

TD SYNNEX’s Cloud Practice Builder makes cloud things easy for our channel partners to rapidly and affordably build a profitable cloud practice online. Our Enablement Sprint framework will help you achieve goals and offer the right combination of specialized solutions to gain a competitive advantage in no time. We recommend that you first take the 5 minute Cloud Practice Builder assessment  to reveal your cloud capability level and provide you with a tailored training path. After that, check out the enablement programs within our Microsoft Enablement Suite that apply to your business:

  • Microsoft Azure Path: Launch a profitable Azure practice in 90 days or fewer! In your Azure Enablement Path, you will be assigned a dedicated program manager who can help you access step-by-step guides, exclusive trainings, and lucrative partner incentives to transform your cloud practice. Within weeks, you’ll be prepared to stand up a profitable Azure practice with entry-level workloads. 

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Path: Start growing your Dynamics 365 practice within weeks. In your Dynamics 365 Enablement Path, you’ll receive one-on-one support from a knowledgeable Dynamics specialist, access to exclusive sales content and on-demand trainings to help you build a profitable Dynamics 365 practice. 

  • Microsoft 365 Accelerate Path: Has your practice plateaued with Office 365? On the Microsoft 365 Accelerate path, you will take a deeper dive into Microsoft 365 so that you can learn 3 key plays for maximizing your revenue by selling to more customers and upgrading your current customers. 

  • Microsoft Marketing Express Path: Through the Marketing Express Path, you’ll develop a better understanding of modern marketing channels, how to find new prospects and deliver the most value to your customers. Within weeks you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and know-how to build an effective marketing plan. 

Make our Agency a part of your Marketing Team

Join our team of experts and work collaboratively to meet your marketing objectives through our recruit-enablement-grow model. If you’re experiencing a business challenge, like not generating enough leads, our Reseller Connect team can help you develop a recruitment strategy, create a suite of marketing tools to meet your budget, implement an integrated marketing strategy, provide you with marketing consultation and much more. Our goal is to help you maximize your marketing investment by identifying new marketing opportunities, fostering end user engagement, and increasing your reach to new, high-potential customers through digital marketing.

Partner Marketing Funds (PMF)

If you are a current Tech Data CSP Partner with $10k+ in CSP MRR per month, you can apply to have Tech Data fund a part of your Microsoft Cloud campaign (between $2,500-$5,000) through our Partner Marketing Funds Program. Let us know what your marketing objectives are, what type of campaign you’re interested in and we’ll see how we can help! You can also apply these funds toward having our Reseller Connect Agency work with you. Apply online or speak with your cloud specialist for more information.

TD SYNNEX Marketing Newsletter

TD SYNNEX Marketing Newsletter – Sign up for our quarterly marketing newsletter to receive quick marketing tips, industry trends and vendor marketing spotlights.

Smart Guides

TD SYNNEX is dedicated to partner success and empowerment through comprehensive documentation. Through our expanding SmartGuide Library, we strive to provide partners with the knowledge to standardize complex cloud processes from technical, sales, and marketing perspectives. Check out some of our marketing guides on how to build an effective social media presence, defining your brand voice, understanding market data and more.

Want to learn more about marketing with TD SYNNEX? Connect with one of our cloud sales specialists at or 800-237-8931, ext. 5545006

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