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The Challenge

Mobile is one of the largest growing markets in recent years. Work is no longer a place but an activity, and as this evolves, the use of technology to keep a productive work environment is also evolving. The consumer has embraced the use of personal technologies and the improvement of LTE networks are driving these products into the business arenas. Gartner predicts mobile technology will hit 1.72 trillion worldwide. Tech Data’s expert team combined with deep OEM relationships is working to help it’s partners engage this burgeoning market.

Welcome the Mobile Edge Digital Practice Builder

How It Works

  1. Step 1

    Take our Mobile Practice Assessment to reveal your security capability level, gain a better understanding of your current business, and identify areas for growth and improvement.

  2. Step 2

    After you complete the Mobile Practice Assessment, you'll learn about your capability level and gain access to curated mobile ecosystem training courses.

  3. Step 3

    As you complete training courses, you'll gain key insights into how to leverage carrier programs, architect mobile solutions and craft a go to market strategy that makes sense for your business.

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